Potato Bites

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Saving Money For The Rainy Day

I think many people hear about saving money for the rainy days however how many of us really care about saving money? I believe many readers will say why am I saying that no one care about saving money that is because now days people are saving their leftover money of their salaries. For example…

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Lucky Charm (Year of the Fire Monkey)

As some of us might have known we have 5 element which consists of earth, water, fire, wood and gold and this year it was the year of the Fire Monkey. I hereby would like to share with you the lucky charm of the year of the Fire Monkey. Numbers: 4 and 9 Days: The…

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CNY Angpow

Chinese New Year, is just around the corner and many Chinese people preparing cookies, start to clean and decor their houses and most important of all is preparing new notes for “angpow” definition of red packet a.k.a lucky packet to some Chinese. Angpow has been a tradition from many years back then angpow packet does…

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Why We Need to Save Money?

There is always a question in my head why we need to save, most of the people does not even plan to save because they will just use all their money they earn for their personal needs. What I mean about personal needs are those unnecessary such as smartphones, vapor/cigarettes, toys and so on… The…

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LEGO Marvels

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Open World

New from LEGO and Marvel’s with Avengers Open World Trailer, let’s have a look on the LEGO game play of 3 minutes compilation. Enjoy…

Shinjuku Planned To Offer ‘Real Life’ Spy Experience Attraction

The attraction will task guests with navigating a compound using their wits and spy skills and will even feature a laser tripwire obstacle course. A LASER TRIPWIRE OBSTACLE COURSE! If you’re a living human being, there’s a very high chance you’ve, at several points in your life, recalled the high octane adventures of James Bond or…

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Ice Skating With Lightsaber

Japanese ice skater Yuzuru Hanyu is famous for record-breaking performances—but none are as awesome as this video of the athlete with a lightsaber! Japanese ice skater Yuzuru Hanyu is as famous for breaking world records as he is for wooing Japan’s cats, but his next role should be in a Star Wars film, if this edited video…

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Forget About Popcorn Or Hotdogs When You Watch Star Wars At The Cinema

Stormtrooper tortilla for building your own darkside burrito Chewbacca sandwich and banana TIE fighter lunch Star Wars R2D2 sandwich and TIE fighter Christmas lunch Star Wars – My Little Pony lunch mashup Princess Leia hamburger and cheese lunch Ewok sandwich and Biker Scout hard-boiled egg lunch BB-8 droid sandwich and first order Stormtrooper egg Yoda…

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iOS Game For Thrill Seekers [Horror]

The horror genre needs some help. It seems like every year an endless array of movies and video games come out that primarily focus on bloodshed and mayhem. If you’re tired of these recycled ideas and enjoy classic ghost stories, try playing Papa Sangre II. The unique aspect of this iPhone game is that it…

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A New Samurai Museum In Shinjuku And It Worths Visiting

Experience the samurai spirit first-hand with original swords and armour at the recently opened Samurai Museum. Honour before life. That’s the motto you leave with after taking a walk through the incredible Samurai Museum that opened at the end of September in Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho district. Our ever-curious reporter Mr Sato took a trip here recently and shared the…

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iPhone Hacker Built A Self-Driving Car, In His Garage

George Hotz — better known to some as “Geohot,” a pioneer in the early iPhone jailbreaking scene that let owners put custom apps on their devices for the first time. Now, he’s got a very different hobby: making an autonomous car based on an ordinary Acura ILX sedan. It seems to actually work, sort of,…

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Spooky Encounter (Hotel Room P2)

When u get up from bed and you saw few people in your room talking to each other without noticing you in the room. You feel so angry and started to shout at them but surprisely no one listen nor notice you. You wanted to chase them out of the room but now you notice…

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